slam poetry + mental health

The Objective: Study the values and beliefs of a subculture, then find a meaningful way to connect that culture to a brand or cause.

The Problem: The National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) wants to end the stigma around mental illness, but struggle to inspire activism beyond just signing a petition. 

The Insight: Slam poets shout what most people whisper. Their culture is about giving the power of creative storytelling to audiences, and offers a platform for people to share their emotions without fear or judgement. 

The Solution: Stigmafree Stories: a partnership between Button Poetry (a popular slam poetry Youtube channel) and NAMI's existing Stigmafree movement to combine the storytelling nature of slam culture with NAMI's informational resources. Use the culture of slam poetry to further NAMI's cultural mission through grassroots story-sharing efforts.

My team also created this short documentary exploring slam poetry culture and what it means to the artists who participate in it.

The Collaborators:

Video Production, Writing -- Kelsey Zafian

Creative Direction, Video -- Jenna Gillespie