credit to the cran.

Millennials are looking for an easy upgrade to their life and kitchen. Cranberries can be that upgrade.

Millennials know what Ocean Spray is, but they're not buying its products. In order to to make the brand relevant, we have to make cranberries relevant to their lives. Credit to the Cran shows this audience just how easily cranberries fit into their routine-- all with a sense of humor true to the brand's voice.

2018 National Student Advertising Competition: Third Place in District XI, Best Tagline, Best Female Presenter (yours truly!).

See our 20-page campaign plans book here.

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Strategy Briefing

The Team:

Strategy: Rachel Benner, Calvin Petersen, Talia Berniker, Nora Wheaton, Salem Weresh, Kristen Friis.

Creative: Talia Bootz, Jasmine Tran, Josh Lyman, Matt Palma, Sydney Humble, Sydnie Johnson, Olivia Howe, Haley Koch, Anna Rath, Kyle Heiner, Will Nielsen.

Media: Katey Harris, Kelsey Zafian, Will Parker, Chris Hieb.

Account: Hassan El Zein, Grace Gandolfo.

Research Direction: Yasi Milani.