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The Challenge: Expand the iconic Porsche brand to reach a new demographic.

The Insight:  The Porsche 911 can fill a hole in the luxury car market by targeting retired gay men.

Wealthy, retired men are the group most likely to purchase a luxury car, but hyper-masculine, heteronormative advertising alienates LGBTQ members of this audience. A Porsche 911 can be the capstone of our audience's life, signifying his well-earned exclusive lifestyle and freedom to embrace his identity.

The Process: Our team delved into the legacy of Porsche's brand, and LGBTQ+ history and culture. The campaign connects the core values of this audience with the core tenets of Porsche's brand. 


Print Executions:

Porsche Pride Club: 

Print ads will drive our audience to the Porsche Pride website and introduce them to the Porsche Pride Club, an experience that allows members to form bonds with other Porsche owners in the tradition of the brand. Membership in the club includes the exclusive Pride keychain. 

The Pride Gallery on the microsite landing page will highlight photos submitted by Porsche owners who identify with the Pride campaign. Photos will highlight owners' trips and experiences with their Porsches. Users can return to the site to share new experiences, pin new destinations, and connect with other Porsche Pride members.


The Team:

Strategy: Hannah Lewman and myself

Art Direction: Sierra Pedro and Blaire Wilson

Copywriting: Kyle Heiner